Charles Avery

"Charles Avery's work presents a parallel universe that is built from, and reflects on, the world around us. Since 2004, his drawings, sculptures and writings have surveyed the inhabitants, topology and cosmology of an imaginary island. Central to this project is the character of hunter, a searcher after philosophical truth in a country where this is elusive, if it exists at all."1 Untitled (View of the Port at Onomatopoeia), is included in the British Art Show 7, at the Hayward Gallery, London until April 17,

"The Island’s sites include Onomatopoeia, the main town, from which men make expeditions to hunt the Noumenon, a riff on Kant’s notion of an unknowable thing, which can never be seen, only believed in. There’s the Plane of the Gods, a popular tourist attraction, and the Palace of the Gulls, haunted by a cult who believe the secret of eternity has been handed down to them through a talking seagull. This vast drawing – his largest to date – depicts the hectic port of Onomatopoeia. It’s as crammed with ideas as it is throngs of daytrippers, entrepreneurs and hangers-on. Many of the Islanders wear geometric hats to denoted their philosophical position. The tourists, who throng the port, wear large, foolish versions of these hats intended for the tourist market. The large shack-come mussel-pot on the quayside is a nod to Marcel Broodthaers sculpture, Casserole et moules fermées (1964), gently ribbing his fellow Belgian’s love of the dish. Those in the queue include Kublai Khan, the Mongol emperor who met with Marco Polo to discuss the far off city of Venice. Other celebrities include J.D. Sallinger, glimpsed on the passenger deck of a huge cruise liner that’s pulling into the port (so that’s what he did with his life as a hermit) and Bill Murray who stands on the quay, fag in mouth, with his usual insouciant cool."2

Untitled (Miss Miss finally gives in by the tree where Aeaen sought to bamboozle the One-Armed Snake by attaching himself to the tree to make himself larger)

Some of his earlier work: Untitled (Self Escaping from Island)

Duculi from Untitled (Diagram of the Plane of the Gods)

Untitled (Two Dilettantes)

Untitled (Place of The Route of the If’En)

Theodora and Mr Impossible from Untitled (Diagram of the Plane of the Gods)

Untitled (Eternal Forest)

1 - British Art Show 7, in the days of the Comet 2 -

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