Baozi Inn

In recent times Chinese cuisine has fallen down the pecking order of trend, sadly the once revered deep fried crispy balls of non descript meat, in sweet and sour sauces, nestled on top of greasy fried rice, served lovingly with a side of msg flavoured chips somehow lost its charm. So if you dare to try a more authentic Chinese cuisine, head to Baozi Inn, specialising in Sichuan and Beijing streetfood, its a fast food delight! Baozi - from the chinese word for bun - is a steamed bun like dumpling, filled with either ground pork or vegetables and at a measly £1.40 for two its a perfect way to start. Cold spinach in ginger and orange juice is amazingly refreshing even if it doesn't instantly attract. Dragon wontons in chilli oil and garlic sauce: Tender pork rib noodle soup served with pak choi: Fragrant hot & spicy pork noodles: Baozi Inn has a great amount of charm; from its red hanging lanterns, dried sichuan chilly adorned walls and dark wooden tables to the great atmosphere generated by the intimate setting and young chinese populating it. Don't expect the greatest service - a poke in the arm was administered to indicate i should order - but when you take into consideration that a two course meal for two with chinese tea costs a mere £20 your in for a treat. Take cash as they don't accept card. 25 Newport Court, Chinatown, London, WC2H 7JS

Thursday, November 11, 2010 - 10:15